Where It All Began

52353: 1991 – 2015

In October of 2015 I packed up what I could fit inside and on top of my Ford Escape along with my dog Deakyn, and best friend Lindsey to set out on a cross country road trip to the place that I now call Home.
It was not an easy decision to leave behind the family I love most and friends I held dear for so many years. It’s true though that I never thought Iowa was my forever home, as I had different life visions for myself, even if I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what route was right for me to take. It took a lot of lessons, struggles, and perseverance to find my path. I sacrificed friendships, comfort, and financial means to chase a dream with an unknown outcome. I moved with the goal of making the most out of the life I have to life… after all, we’ve only got one chance to get it right, right? Or so they say!
If you’re thinking about changing your life… my advice to you is TAKE A CHANCE! Make that leap of faith you’ve been contemplating and debating. For you’ll never know if you never try!


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