Moe-go-YONE Rim.. or as I like to call it, the Mongolian Rim

Finally got to test out all of our new camping gear up on the Mogollon Rim. A mere 200 miles forming the southern end of the Colorado Plateau; full of campgrounds, hiking trails, seven lakes, and numerous lookouts. The dogs enjoyed exploring and we enjoyed the peacefulness of nature. Our attempt to get creative while cooking since we “car camped” was quite an experience. We scorched the bottom of the nachos, lost Felicity for 20 minutes, Deakyn got tree sap in his hair and tried to murder the cool lizard we found, and to top off our nice little getaway we turned an hour 40 minute drive into 3 hours by getting confused and taking the scenic route near Roosevelt Lake home.

Nonetheless it was a successful and beautiful weekend!


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